Monoprice mini V2


This is the printer if you want to jump right in and go for it. This is at a price point where you can try it out and see how it works before you go big. No set up needed. Unbox, plug it in, and then you are ready to print.

Maker select plus


Brought to you by the makers of the Mini V 2. A step up in build size and technicality. Comes in two pieces and needs a few screws to be put together, but by no means is it a DIY.

Creality Ender 3 DIY


A smaller cousin of the Creality CR-10, this printer is more DIY than it's giant cousin! Great as a project for students to learn how to build one, along with the ins and outs!

Flashforge Finder


A solid printer that is enclosed for safety! Easy to use, lots of great features and from a company that builds awesome 3D printers!

Toybox 3d printer


Don't let the name fool you, this is still a 3D printer! It's marketed towards younger kids and the plastic is called printer food! A great community with lots of designs to print, it's a great printer to start with!

Sparkmaker SLA printer


The most inexpensive SLA printer, this uses a liquid resin to create prints! Think of the liquid Terminator from T2! *Caution-the liquid resin is toxic and should be handled with EXTREME care!*

Creality CR-10


The bigger brother of the Ender-3, this DIY printer is not so DIY! A couple of frames and a few bolts, plus less than ten wires you plug in and you are ready to go!