Slicer Software

Software based slicing software-requires Mac or PC

Simplify 3D is a paid program. That being said, you pay for what you get.


  1. Unlimited control of your printers.
    • You can edit your settings more than you'll ever want, from hot end size, to speed of layers, to how fast the filament gets pushed through.
  2. Always updating profiles.
    • Whatever printer you may have they have a profile for, if they don't, email them and they will get it set up for you.


  1. Cost is $200 for a license
    • Each license will allow you to be signed into two computers max. This means if you have multiple computers you will need to plan accordingly.

Remember, when you buy it, follow their educators discount protocol.

The freebie! If you don't want to pay for anything this is the one that.